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Not many commercial flooring covering companies handle both flooring and tile installation. But we at SI Legacy Flooring do. Our tile experts will blow you away with their quality craftsmanship. The tile team at SI Legacy specialize in porcelain, tile, natural stone, custom designs and unique tile patterns. We are happy to bid for jobs large and small. Our competitive pricing will leave you feeling like you got a lot of bang for your buck.

At SI Legacy Flooring, we have experience with multiple products. We can help you achieve the look you are going for and recommend the best and most cost effective materials. We can take vague ideas and make them a reality.

One thing that we know is important is time. At SI Legacy Flooring, we will ensure the least amount of disruption. Our installers are professional, clean and respectful of your space. We will complete each job in a safe and efficient manner.



Tile Contact:

Jim Farley

(775) 332-0602 Ext #5

(775) 741-4273

Jake Crawford

(775) 332-0602 Ext #1

(510) 589-5969

Kevin Oddieo

(775) 332-0602 Ext #2

(510) 544-3357

Tile Projects

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