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We know that in business, staying open is crucial. That is why we are one of the only companies in town that offer a lift system so that cubicles and other heavy office furniture can stay in place while we install new floors. Our lift system is a solution that will ultimately save you time and money. That is what we do at SI Legacy Flooring.

Safety, efficiency and clear communication is important to us. At SI, we establish a single point of contact for each job which allows communication to flow easier and faster between the project managers and superintendents. That way, can assure that each job is complete in a safe and timely manner.

Quality of work is also of the upmost importance. The SI Legacy experts work with you through the entire project phase offering expert advice, design services, estimates and installation. We make it as easy as possible for you to get the quality of floors you deserve.



Flooring Contact:

Jim Farley

(775) 332-0602 Ext #5

(775) 741-4273

Jake Crawford

(775) 332-0602 Ext #1

(510) 589-5969

Kevin Oddieo

(775) 332-0602 Ext #2

(510) 544-3357

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