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SI Legacy Flooring understand that floor prep is everything. Prepping floors before installation is crucial to the outcome and longevity of the floor you choose. Floor prep is a time-consuming task that many contractors are tempted to skip. Not us. SI Legacy Flooring will focus on floor prep to ensure a high-quality, long lasting, end result.

Leveling, demos, repairs, prepping plywood subfloors, concrete surface prep, tile installation prep, whatever the project, SI Legacy will be there to ensure the proper time and attention is given to the floor prep. With SI Legacy, you can rest assured that the proper prep was done which will allow a greater end result.

Floor Prep

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Flooring Prep Contact:

Jim Farley

(775) 332-0602 Ext #5

(775) 741-4273

Jake Crawford

(775) 332-0602 Ext #1

(510) 589-5969

Kevin Oddieo

(775) 332-0602 Ext #2

(510) 544-3357

Floor Prep Projects

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